Saturday, August 3, 2019

Like The Loon We Are

On Herrick's Cove, July 30, 2014
Like The Loon We Are
To sit and watch the mist rise off the surface of the cove
Listening for the call of the loon -
The loon
Who glides silently across the surface
And suddenly without notice dives
Searching for the evening's buffet
Able to remain below the surface
For extended periods of time
Only to pop up somewhere else,
Gliding silently, patiently
How rarely we are like the loon
How rarely we glide silently, patiently
Across the surface of life ,the surface of time
How rarely we dive Down below the surface of our
Being and Time
How rarely we stay below for extended periods of time
Exploring the depths of our Being
And our Time
We flinch at first sight
And race back to the surface
Knowing all along that what we need to see
What we need to be
Lies below, deep within
Where there
We encounter the face of the God
We feel is far off
When in truth
He is beside us
Within us
Beneath the surface
Frolicking amidst the buffet of feelings, insights, impressions, thoughts ,
Held in darkness
Out of sight
We want to open to the God of darkness
As well as to the God of light
I need only the courage of the loon
To wander the deep
Feasting upon the evening's buffet
As once again I enter
The night journey of the spirit
To spend more time focused on the Presence
That enables us to glide silently across the surface
Silently , patiently
Without notice
Like the loon we are
Called back to the deep places
By the eternal Presence
That is Being
That is Time
That is the face of God
"For I have seen the face of God ,and yet my life is preserved." - Genesis 32:30

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